Chair of Honesty

Let’s play a game.

Let’s play Chair of Honesty.

Today, I am sat in the Chair of Honesty.

I won’t lie (it is the Chair of Honesty after all)…it may have been a bit obvious over the past few weeks that I’ve been using poetry to fill in the gaps where I haven’t really known what to actually blog about because my life has been significantly boring lately (in my own eyes anyway) 😅

So far there have only been two flash fiction posts since I’ve started up the blog again and the only other real blog post was the one I posted when I first brought this back. Without actual blog posts it’s not much of a blog, is it?

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me well in real life that I am very, very, very unorganised. Starting up the blog again was a way to combat my disorganised self, to challenge me to actually be organised for once in my life and to help me develop a consistent writing schedule.

My writing schedule became as consistent as the night-before-forgot-about-my-homework-so-have-to-write-an-essay-before-1am-days that I used to have when I was a Sixth Form student. Which were unfortunately frequent if not a little bit exaggerated by that description.

If any past teachers see this, I’m deeply sorry and trust me when I say I am more disappointed in myself than you will ever be so no need to add to the guilt train. Thank you 🙂

Luckily, I still got really good grades on those essays.

Which brings me to my biggest issue and yet saving grace in most – some – cases: I work well, maybe even best, under pressure.

(Alexa, play Under Pressure by Queen…🙂)

I’m not actually finding that helpful as a writer so that needs to change. Big time.

If, in the future, I have a literary agent that gets me a deal with a publisher and they want to see a full first draft of my novel two/three months later, well…that’s not something you can really write the night before! I am well aware of that which is why I need to work harder at changing these bad habits of mine (surely, they are not all-bad in every situation…are they?).

I awoke at 6am this morning to the sound of angry rain hammering the roof of the holiday caravan I’m sharing with my family. So, I sat in the lounge on Wednesday 19th August at 7:40am writing this post as a plea to myself to PLEASE IMPROVE before you miss out on a book deal because you couldn’t write a novel in one night before the deadline!

I will probably post this later today after I have revised the post and tried to add in a joke here or there because I am ‘oh so funny’ and wish to place a smile on, at least, one reader’s face (consider this your daily reminder to smile now, dear reader 🙂).

My goal this week(?) – this next week(?) – within the next week is to write the next blog post at least two days in advance. Baby steps. I can do this. My new deadline is Sunday.

I can do this.

(Please send prayers and luck otherwise I will be a lost cause and shall have to sacrifice the happiness of my dream job for a boring office job that I do not look forward to working in…)

Thank you for being here to read this!

And stay safe/wear masks/socially distance because Covid-19 is FAR FROM OVER.

– Jade

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