Updated Blog Name & New Site Address

**This was a last minute change in what I decided to post hence why it has been posted so late – so yes, I essentially failed at having a post prepared before Sunday 🙈🙈🙈**

I just wanted to let you know (if you haven’t noticed already) that I have once again changed the name and web address of the blog – this time for good!

I now give a warm welcome to:
An Aspiring Writer’s Attempt at Blogging

Which is now found at:

The reason for the change in title of the blog is because I felt like my original title was too broad a subject to really interest people. I looked at ‘An Adult’s Attempt At Blogging’ and thought, okay, but that doesn’t make me any different from the other 80% of bloggers that are adults (not an official statistic). At least now you know when you get here that the blog will centred around writing ☺

As for the change in web address, my Instagram name, WordPress web address/title and Twitter handle didn’t really match up. So, to ensure all my platforms had one consistency, I changed the web address to that of my Instagram name, @weaving_fables, and also changed my Twitter handle to the same as well (feel free to follow me on Twitter/Instagram to be notified about blog updates).

Another reason for changing the web address was because it was much simpler and shorter than before! If I got annoyed by having to type out ‘anadultsattemptatblogging.wordpress.com’ every time, I realised that it was probably off-putting to everyone else as well.

This is all a very big learning process but I’m ready to keep learning and ready to keep improving!

Lastly, an important to note: I won’t be posting again until around November/December.

As schools start again next week, I need some time to just organise myself and my mind, to settle into my first real job as an Academic Mentor and to plan some more future blog posts.

I’m also partaking in the second round of NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction competition this weekend, so I shall be very busy 😁

Wish me luck!

– Jade

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