A Letter Regarding The Rollercoaster Of 2020 Onwards

Dear All,

Well…it’s 2021!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas with little upset caused by Covid-19. And wishing you all a Happy New Year!

(Also…hai 👋😅…I’m a little late coming back…heh…I have been quite busy in all honesty and haven’t had a chance to get back to blogging but I have been thinking about it constantly so here I am, but for how long? Who knows? I understand that doesn’t sound endearing to the people who may invest in my writing future but I am working on it constantly and a lot this year 😄👍)


Let’s be frank – 2020 was a freaking rollercoaster for everyone and not necessarily a good one at that.

We all know someone whose mental health suffered, we all know someone that got furloughed, we all know a key worker, we all know someone who got Covid-19, we may even have lost someone we know to Covid-19, classes were disrupted a hell of a lot, we’ve all at some point had the terrible (for us mentally) news to self-isolate again…

But we got here.

We did it.

And we can do it again because Covid-19 won’t magically disappear once they start rolling out the vaccines. I expect the rollercoaster to continue well into 2021 and maybe even 2022.

If it doesn’t, then hallelujah, we pulled off a miracle!

The important thing about realism though is that you shouldn’t let it halt your optimism.

Last year, while a rollercoaster, we all learned to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life.

We created things, we played games, we walked, we admired nature, we meditated, we still connected with our friends digitally, we did weekly shops in half the time it normally takes because your mind was constantly going “PEOPLE! COVID! AAH!”

We spent more time with our pets, more time with our heads in books, more time daydreaming about the things we could have done and will do when the Covid Crisis is over. We appreciated the creative arts and how they kept us from losing our minds half the time.

We found nice smelling sanitiser and not the one that smells like you weren’t sober the night before!

This year, keep remembering the little things, keep being grateful for them, keep acknowledging them.

Because at the end of the day, life is a mix of good and bad and you can’t have one without the other. The bad helps us to appreciate the good things in life because without it, we wouldn’t know how.

Already, one good thing we know is that we have multiple vaccines. We can appreciate this year will be better because of it. Maybe not straight away but it will get better, we will get back to our old normal eventually.

So here’s to 2021! 🥂

At the bottom of the pit, the only way is up after all!

We may stumble and we may fall but we will persevere because nothing can bring us down for long. It’s in all our nature to keep on going, so keep on going otherwise you’ll never know what’s at the top and that’s always worth persevering for ❤

Lots of love,
From a pensive Jade


“It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

  – Thomas Fuller

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