A Letter To Me During Snowfall


Dear Me,

Opposite your tiny conservatory stands a conifer. It is tall, dark and handsome – a strange sentiment to have for a tree but it is an evergreen. It’s appearance never wilts, never changes (unless you account for the minute height growth it commits to annually) and always remains colourful.

The evergreen remains a beacon of hope during long, dark winters.

You like the evergreen.

You love evergreens in Winter.

Not only is it a symbol of hope, but also a symbol of perseverance.

In snowfall, the petite snowflakes gather on its branches and leaves, they gather until it is noticeable, until it is a new variation of beautiful.

Picturesque in summer, picturesque in winter is the evergreen.

But there is a tragedy that befalls it. When the white winter precipitation clusters, it clusters too much and doesn’t realise the damage it will cause if fused together. The snow, once light when a single snowflake, joins together with more and becomes heavy, far too heavy for the branches of the evergreen.

It gets heavier.

And heavier.

Heavier still, until…

A crack.

The branch falters under the winter burden.

The bough breaks, clustered snowfall becomes white dust in the wind, a memory of what was once together; the broken branch lands on the twinkling ground below, lost and alone.

Not all is lost though.

The evergreen remains green, acknowledges it has more branches, continues, barely phased by its loss.

It knows the snow will not last forever.

It will fall, it will melt, it will return to how it was before like there was no such thing as snow before.

It will continue to live, to grow, accepting the experience as something that was intended to happen. It will remember the branch, for a tree never forgets, and it will prosper, the memory embedded in the grain of the wood, in the whisper of the wind that slowed its fall.

The experience inspired you to write a poem:

Winter Evergreen
I am an evergreen in Winter
My branches hold up snowflakes
But when they cluster
When blizzards form
My branches break
For I cannot hold
The weight anymore

Make sure you take care of yourself, acknowledge stress and unpleasant times. Do not swipe them up under the carpet, ready to trip on and for it to come out in a mess.

Be more like the evergreen that prospers through good and bad.

Love from your Inner Poet,


“Be like a tree. Stay grounded, keep growing and know when to let go.”
– Anonymous

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